House update

After some computer problems, we seem to have recovered a bit. Sorry it’s taken so long to update our site!  The brick and sheetrock are complete at our house.  The builder has unofficially moved our closing date to early August.  We’re hoping to be moved by the end of August.  We have picked all of our interior colors (paint, tile, countertop, etc.) and lighting fixtures.  The next big thing at the house should be the cabinets and paint.  Molly is growing rapidly. She’s learned to sleep through the night on top of Janie’s face!

Construction started

Construction on our house has started, and it’s moving very quickly!  It’s much quicker than Janie or Brian expected.  As of today, we have most exterior and interior walls in place, and expect to have a roof in the next few days.  It’s practically a full time job trying to keep up to speed with the progress (then updating all the pictures)! We’ve met several of our neighbors and everyone is very nice and excited about all the progress.

Next week, we visit with the decorator!  More decisions!

House Progress

Well, we have signed on most of the dotted lines for our house!  Our closing date is set for October 2, but that’s not 100% set in stone.  We’ve started picking colors, with brick and mortar being the first pick.  The brick looks similar to another house in the neighborhood.  We have our new address, but because we won’t use it for another six months, we’ll save it for later.  We’ll keep you posted!

Housing blues and new kitty!

Lot’s of stuff has been going on lately!  First off, we haven’t yet bought a lot so we can build a house.  Because we have gotten an extraordinary amount of rain so far this year, the builders are behind schedule.  We are patiently waiting.  Along with a slightly new look
for the site, we’ve busied ourselves making new friends and getting a new kitten.  We don’t have a name for her yet!  We don’t even have a couple of names that we like that we’re trying to decide on.  Poor little kitty.  She doesn’t have a name.