Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I feel like I should make this my blog since everybody else is doing it. 🙂 By the way, Lettie, I am now a Nester fan. I just wish I had the courage to start putting holes in my walls like she does (and not worry about patching them) and have an eye for cute fabric. I just don’t have that.
Anyway, let’s see what’s been going on the past few weeks. Samantha is sick *AGAIN*. She’s a true Daycare Kid. That means, you guessed it, Brian is sick AGAIN. Which means, I’ll be sick soon. We go back to the doctor this week to check up on her ear, but I have a feeling he’s going to tell us that she has another ear infection in the other ear. This time, she’s been pulling it. Mom said, “Maybe she has just found her ears.” I don’t think so. She’s been on antibiotics, but I don’t guess that matters.
For those of you that know my nephew, Jackson, you might remember his open mouth kisses. Samantha has started kissing just like that! It’s open mouth, tongue, wet and slobbery, but oh so sweet.