Samantha Waving and Clapping

I am always amazed by Samantha. This week, she learned to wave. It’s so nice to see her waving to you. She will do it if you say “Hi Samantha!” or “Bye Samantha” or when you pick her up from Ms. Paula’s house (she doesn’t have to see you wave first even). She even waves to Daddy as he comes home from work. It’s very cool.

She has also learned to clap on command. You can say “Clap Samantha” and she will clap.

And lastly, I think she has learned her first word – “uh oh.” I don’t think she learned it from us, although I guess it’s possible. Yesterday, she was sitting in her high chair and dropped her sippy cup (not that she’s learned to use it yet…) and she said what sounded like “uh oh.” It still needs some work, but the inflection and intent was difinitely there.