No more Penicillin!

What a weekend! MamaLinda kept Samantha all day on Friday while I had a seminar. What a birthday treat! I know Samantha had a great time and I hope MamaLinda wasn’t too worn out.

It was good to see everyone at Samantha’s birthday party. Little did we know that we were in for a bumpy few hours afterwards. Samantha has been on an antibiotic because she had a bad ear infection. After 4 days of not getting better (high fever continued), we switched from amoxicillin to augmentin. After 5 days of that (Saturday afternoon) little bumps started appearing on her legs and started to spread rapidly. By Sunday morning, she was covered! We packed up hurridly from Huntsville and drove straight to Samantha’s pediatrician. They determined that it was a penicillin allergy! So, no more easy antibiotics. Her ear infection is gone and now she’s taking claritin for the allergic reaction.