Yet Another Ear Infection

Yesterday, I took Samantha to the doctor’s office to get her flu booster shot. At her age, she needs to receive 2 flu shots to make sure the vaccine will work. While I was there, I asked if the doctor could look in her ears to make sure that the infection had gone away. Monday was Day 10 of the antibiotics.

The right ear was infected last time, and it still is. The left ear now has an infection too. I don’t think the infection ever went away, so this round of antibiotics was not effective (keep in mind it was not penicillin-based). However, this counts as ear infection #4 – and 3 in 6 weeks. The doctor prescribed one more antibiotic. If she doesn’t get better this time, we’ll have to go see an ENT and start having the tube discussion. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

In other news, she began walking in earnest tonight. I know we’ve said that for weeks now, but this time, it’s for real. At least it seems so. She had been taking those 5-6 steps in between us for weeks. Tonight, she would venture off course and even began walking laps in her bedroom. It was very cool. She gets very frustrated when she falls and has to get back up on her own, but I think she’ll have that mastered soon enough. Big day.