Old and New TiVo

Today we Mauters must say goodbye to an old friend. Our Series 2 TiVo passed from this life around 9:30AM this morning.

Actually, I think the hard drive crashed. I can get a new one pre-loaded with the TiVo software, or I can get a much bigger drive and a $20 install kit for about $90.

OR, I can get a TiVo HD. The good thing about going this way is I’m future-proof and now-proof. It will receive the HD signal but can output in 480i for our dinosaur 27″ TV. Later when we get our 108″ LCD TV, we can switch the output to 1080i. Since we already have TiVo service, I can get the Product Lifetime Service for $100 less than you suckers. So that’s $180 for the box and $300 for the service. What a deal!

Oh Internet! What should I do?