House Hunting

I was planning on adding a post today that talked about how scared I am about taking this next plunge of moving to a bigger house. I have so many questions and concerns. Well, that’s obviously not meant to be.

This past Saturday, we looked at a house on Shades Crest. It was a Short Sale and a Foreclosure, so it was a really good price. As we looked around, both Brian and I had a feeling of this-is-it. Could we have actually found what we were looking for? It was surreal and scary, but it was the closest we have come to moving. I guess the engineer in me came out a little bit because I kept thinking, What’s wrong with this house? Why is it still on the market? It’s such a great deal! We told our realtor that we were interested in making an offer but needed to do some research first (go to the bank, talk to our neighbors about selling our house, talk to the new house neighbors about the new house, etc).

I had finally come to grips with moving. I started “thinning out” our house in order to get it on the market. Granted, I didn’t get much done, because we got a call from our realtor on Sunday night. She said there are currently 4 offers on the house. We could certainly put in our offer as well, but it was not likely that we’d get it. And just like that, crash. WOW. All that grief about what to do, and now the decision is made for us. It wasn’t meant to be – I know that. But now at least we know (and our realtor knows) what we are looking for: a $410K house that we can afford. Good luck with that. We’ll keep on searching.