More Talking and Symphony

Another post about Samantha. What else is going on in our lives…? We went to the grocery store a few days ago. Samantha and I were walking up and down the produce section and I was telling her about many of the items. When we got to the apples, she started saying “app, app, app.” She has been fascinated with apples lately in one of her books. That same night, she started putting pieces back into her barnyard puzzle. Usually, all she does is walk all over her puzzles and throw the pieces out, so this was a big step in actually putting the pieces back. She’s also trying to say shoes (“sh”) and pink (“pi, pi”). Her brain seems to be working overtime lately.

We’re going to the symphony again tonight. It’s Gershwin, and should be good. We heard Beethoven’s Triple Concerto and Dvorak’s New World Symphony last week. It was great and one of my favorites so far. We still have quite a few more shows in the next few months, so the offer to babysit is still available to anyone who wants it!