New Shoes

Since it’s almost spring, I thought I would get some sandals for Samantha. Her feet get really hot and steamy in shoes, so I thought she would like a fresh pair of sandals. Boy, was I wrong!

A couple of days ago, she woke up from her afternoon nap and it was pretty outside. It was still really wet from the weekend rains, but I thought we could play in the front yard where it wouldn’t be so mushy. I told her that we could go play outside and that she needed to put shoes on. (At which point, recently, she starts saying “sho sho.”) I got out her new sandals and pulled the tags off them. They have velcro so they are like her regular shoes. I put them on her feet and she just started crying. A lot. I stood her up and it was like her feet were glued to the floor! She wouldn’t move at all! I tried to pick up her feet and move them and it was like pulling a tooth! Meanwhile, she’s still crying and huge tears are falling off her face. It wasn’t a battle I was willing to face, so I took them off. We didn’t even go outside because she was too traumatized.

When Brian gets home, he says that it’s so nice outside that we should be out there. I told Brian the story and he proceeds to go get her sandals and try to put them on so we can go outside. Same thing! He went and got her sippy cup and held it out in front of her so she would be lured to take a step and that made it even worse. She just cried and cried.

I’ve determined that I will have to leave the sandals out for her to play with. Papa Joe came up with a good idea to put them on one of her teddy bears so she can see that it’s just a shoe. I wonder if it’s because she can see her toes? I’ll try putting them on with socks too. Maybe that will work.