I forget sometimes that we all coexist in this world. I’ve been going for a morning jog a few days a week recently. So far, I’ve seen a few bunny rabbits and this morning, a falcon/eagle/hawk. He was sitting on the storm inlet in between the sidewalk and the road. Strange place for a big bird. I just walked right up and didn’t even notice him because he was so still. I finally stopped and realized I was looking at a huge bird. We looked at each other for a moment before he flew away. Weird.

Also, last week, there was a white coyote in the middle of our street. Brian spooked him a bit and he couldn’t figure out how to get beyond the houses with fences back to the woods.

You’d think that because we live in the city, our house are really close together and busy roads are all around, that you wouldn’t see wildlife here. Not so. Cool.

In other news, Samantha can definitely open doors now. It occurred to me that I hope I don’t find her out in the street soon. I’m trying to get a good video of her singing her ABCs. She’s getting really good.