Last Hoorah

We had a big day yesterday.

We decided to head up to Dogtown to look at their furniture. Samantha needs a big girl bed. We looked around town a little bit on Thursday and Friday, but we usually find something at Dogtown, so why not make the trip? (If you’ve never heard of it, ask me about it – it’s a great place.) We got up early and headed up to Fort Payne. We found something that will work great with her existing furniture. (That’s part of the problem: we have to match her dresser and chest. They’re off-white. We made the mistake of buying a few pieces with the intent to go back later and buy the rest. Little did we know that the economy would bomb and everything would go out of business. Anyway.)  The bed on display was a twin, and Brian wants something bigger. It was pretty expensive for the one piece. I decided to try to find it in their books to see what other pieces were available. After an hour’s worth of searching, and discovering that the company had renumbered all its pieces, I finally found it. It was outrageously expensive. It works perfectly with what she’s got now, so I’m not sure what we’re going to do. At any rate, we ate at the little place next door and got back on the road. Samantha was exhausted at this point and putting on quite a show for everyone.

Luckily, she slept in the car, which she never does. She slept for a whole 40 minutes. When we got back home, we put her in the bed, but she promptly did not sleep. In fact, she fell out of the bed. Completely. That’s only happened once before. I’m not sure what happened, but somehow, the drop-side fell and she must have been leaning on it. She just tumbled right out. She had a mark on her face that evening, but I don’t see it today. So much for a nap.

Brian had to play at church last night, so he headed out. Sam and I stayed home and battled it out until it was time for us to leave. We were late, and Sam decided that she couldn’t even handle sitting in the back pew for 30 seconds, so we sat in the cry room in timeout during most of mass. How pleasant.

We rushed home, despite the horrible traffic. I’m not sure what time the bowl ended, but there was way too much traffic for a normal day. Brian and I both almost got run off the road, and I couldn’t make the exit on the interstate for all the traffic so I had to go around the world to get home.

We ate a hurried dinner.   (Actually Sam didn’t eat – again too much drama.  She went straight to the tub for an early bathtime and bedtime.)   The whole point of all this rush in the evening was that we were going to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert at 8.

Merry Christmas Brian! We braved the twenty-something degree weather and went downtown for the concert. It was pretty cool. The first hour and the third hour were awesome. It’s a good thing neither one of us has epilepsy. There was a crazy amount of lights, fireworks, lasers, and fire. The second hour was pretty boring though and lots of people walked out.

Overall, it was a crazy day and I have to say I’m looking forward to getting back to normal life tomorrow.

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