Another ear infection

Samantha has an ear infection. But she has tubes, you say? Yes well, tubes don’t eliminate ear infections, just hopefully make them much less frequent. She got tubes in May 2009, so I think we’ve had a pretty good run.

Samantha and Brian got sick a couple of weeks ago with a bad cold. It was a doozie. However, after suffering through that week, they both got better. We had a solid week of health around here only for Janie to get it next. Took long enough. Anyway.

Over the weekend, Brian kept telling me that Samantha’s neck smelled bad. Like, really stunk. I tried to smell her neck but either I was smelling in the wrong place, or I just couldn’t smell at all (thanks to the cold). Last night, as we were getting ready for her bath, I noticed that her hair was stuck to her ear with this nasty goupy stuff. It was quite gross. And quite smelly.

Turns out, she’s got an ear infection. Thanks to the tubes, the goup is draining out of her ear. We’ve got some antibiotic ear drops to start using. (And I’m sure you can imagine the fun we’re going to have to pin down a 2 year old to put drops down her ear.) If that doesn’t clear it up, we’ll have to switch to an oral antibiotic.

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