Lavender Jacket

So Lettie, here’s the jacket that I’m currently working on. I need to get something crossed off my list, and this is the easiest and quickest that I can do right now (as in, I have no control over selling my house, which is also on my to-do list). So for now, I focus on the jacket. And Ashley, I’m working on pictures from the park this weekend. There are a whole lot more of those to sift through.

The pattern:

The original dress I made last spring/summer:

And my work in progress jacket:

3 thoughts on “Lavender Jacket”

  1. Janie….
    you are a amazing mom. I mean it.
    Take many photos of Sam with those dresses you made for her.
    They will be such precious memories.
    And good evidences too, lol lol.

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