On Sunday, someone wanted to come by and look at our house first thing in the morning.  I wasn’t planning on leaving the house since we were on Day 5 of the potty training.  But, here goes.  We went to early mass, and Samantha did great!  We made one unnecessary trip out to the Yukon, but the other trip was successful!  I was so proud of her!  We went to Krispy Kreme afterwards for a treat.

Later, when we got home, (she’s still in the exact same clothes, by the way – hooray!), she wanted to sit with Brian in the recliner.  Which, for those of you who know Sam, that is something special.  She’s not the cuddly sort.  She was saying “we’re together” over and over.  She even had to go get some covers from her room so that she and Daddy could cuddle.  (And by the way, this handmade pink crocheted blanket – made by Carol, and the white one underneath – crocheted by our friend Kris, are her favorite blankets.  I love that she likes the handmade ones the best!)  I think she had a great weekend hanging out at the house.

(And sorry for the yucky photos – they were shot with my phone!)

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