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Day 2 has been better. Ellie has come off nearly all of her medicines and tubes. The doctors have started letting her eat now that she’s keeping oxygen in her blood in strong amounts. At her 9PM feeding, the nurse removed her glucose drip. Ellie ate 33mL of formula. We were hoping for 30, so that’s great! Hopefully we won’t need to get back on that drip anymore. She still has IV, but it’s only for an antibiotic.

In the morning if all goes well, they will move her over to a crib. She will still be in the NICU, but she won’t have all the junk hooked up to her. In a crib, you can more easily touch (still allowing only mommy and daddy to touch) and they will be closely watching her temperature. In the little bed she’s in right now, she’s on a heat lamp so she doesn’t have to use her energy to keep up her body temperature. The hope is that she can maintain her temperature without the lamp.

Here are some pictures. The infant next to her is on a bilibed so the colors in the following pictures are most likely not up to our Adobe-certified friends’ standards.

Scale showing 5lbs 8oz.

Right before Ellie's First Bath

Ellie all hooked up at NICU

Daddy holding Ellie

2 thoughts on “More Ellie”

  1. Eleanor Claire looks much like Janie Leigh. Just wait til you see Janie’s newborn photos!

  2. Congrats to you all! Ellie is just beautiful! Glad to read of her improvement!

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