Ellie – Day 4

Has it been 4 days already?  We are getting the hang of the parking lots, hallways, and NICU room at this point.

I think Ellie is continuing to improve, but that doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating too.  Originally, they told us that she needed a minimum of 72 hours in a crib, maintaining her own temperature, before she could go home.  That would be Friday, at best.  However, she is still not the best eater, so they probably won’t send her home if she’s “not a stellar eater” (in the words of our nurse yesterday).  Part of me says it might just be HER, and part of me says it’s because she’s a preemie.  She’s still not supposed to be here.

Her jaundice went up in the morning, as expected, but it’s not high enough to use phototherapy yet.  She is maintaining her temp ok.  It was on the border of “acceptable” all day yesterday.

At this point, we’re focused on eating.  She just sleeps all the time, and doesn’t want to wake up to feed.  Last time they weighed her, I think she was down to 5lbs, 6oz.  Because we are forcing the food, she’s not losing much, which is the point.

I know we’ll get there.  I know this is typical preemie stuff.  Like I said, that still doesn’t mean the whole thing is not frustrating.

And a big kudos to the NICU staff.  All of them have been great.  It really takes a special person to care for these sick, sick babies.  There was a baby born yesterday at 26 weeks, weighing less than 2 lbs!  So compared to some of them, we’re doing great!

3 thoughts on “Ellie – Day 4”

  1. She looks like Janie with Samantha’s coloring! So cute.

    Her eye looks better in this picture.

    Glad she’s still improving. 72 hours seems like an eternity! We had the same feeding problems with Patrick (keeping him awake enough to eat) and he was only 3 weeks early. He hardly ate in the hospital and I remember feeling like I was torturing him the first few weeks just to make him wake up enough to eat.

    I know you must feel helpless and frustrated, and I hope it will all be over soon!

  2. What a cute photo!
    Ellie just needs time. This too will pass. Patience and your presence is all you can offer at this point. I’m so glad the NICU is wonderful!

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