Ellie – Day 5

Ellie had a much better day today. She is eating better, but it’s still a bit of a struggle to get her to eat.  It’s much better than yesterday though.  Each day will get better, I know. The good news is, it looks like she will still be discharged tomorrow!

Today our nurse went over some preliminary discharge paperwork.  We have already watched the video about the car seat, and watched the infant CPR video.  If anyone wants a refresher on infant CPR, we have a kit (including MiniBaby for practice) that you can borrow.  It was a pretty uneventful day.

infant CPR kit

Ellie will have an eventful night though!  During her bath tonight, they will remove the IV!  Yay!  And she’ll also have a “car seat test.”  I had been hearing about this all week, and wondering what it was.  Turns out, you have to bring in your car seat.  They set it all up with the baby in it, and monitor the baby’s oxygen levels for 30 minutes.  They want to be sure that the baby can make it home.  If the baby’s head is too floppy, they are afraid that it will cut off the air supply.  Most of the time they remove all the infant head wrap things and put 2 receiving blankets on either side of the head.  I’m not sure why this is better, but that’s what they’ll do.  Brian is stoked that we’ll get 2 hospital blankets.  I just returned the 5 that we took when Samantha was born!

Anyway, thanks for thinking of us all week.  I’m glad all my family is almost all home!

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