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Anyone know of a good sling?  I have a feeling that baby Ellie will like one.  I had a carrier for Samantha, but she always hated it.  She much preferred to be doing her own thing, not tied down.  Even to this day, she hates a stroller.

Anyway, so if you have had a good experience with a baby sling, let me know.  I think I’d like to get one.

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  1. I think once you have more than one, a sling/carrier is a lifesaver! I would never be able to go anywhere if it weren’t for my mei tai carrier. While Ellie is small, she’ll just curl up in it like a frog and when she’s bigger, her legs will go around you. It’s just soft cloth and easy to put on by yourself. I got mine on ebay, but I think they’re pretty simple to sew.

    Glad yall are home! Can’t wait to meet Ellie!

  2. Janie, I’m glad you are checking with others about the sling. Recently, on the news they were mentioning that some slings have caused baby deaths due to difficulty breathing. I’m sure there is somewhere to check on this.

  3. I used slings with both of my kids. Ronnie loved his. He will always be my hip baby. I liked the soft cloth kind that slung around one shoulder. They really do come in handy. It allows you to have your hands free to keep up and play with the older sibling….

  4. You can borrow both of mine and try them out. I have a wrap which is great at home and then a buckle carrier with an infant insert. I think right now you would love the wrap it super comfy and versatile. Ellie will love hearing your heart beat and being so close and warm. Let me know when I can bring them by and the hats also. Love you all!

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