Life with 2 kids on a Monday

I survived a whole day of 2 kids!  Thanks be to God!

Besides both kids wanting to eat at the exact same time, I think overall, the day went very smoothly!  I even had time to brush my teeth!  🙂

Sam did well with Ellie.  She could be a little rough, but she is also very sweet.  Sam even decided she was ready to take a nap at 12:15.  So she went to bed!  Awesome.

Ellie had her first doctor’s appointment this afternoon.  Her bilirubin has gone down (from 10.3 to 9.2), so it’s still high, but going down is a good sign.  However, her weight has also gone down.  Her weight at discharge was 5 lbs, 4.5 oz.  Her weight this afternoon was 5 lbs, 3 oz.  It’s not much, but she can’t afford to lose much.  The doctor is concerned about continued weight loss.  Considering that she’s still not a great eater, I have different instructions on feeding now.  The NICU had her on a 4 hour schedule, but he wants me to go to a 2 hour schedule.  At night, we can push to 4 hours, but during the day, I need to feed basically all the time.  He wants me to go back to the lactation consultants at the hospital on Wednesday to do a pre-feeding and post-feeding weight.  Then back to the pediatrician on Monday.

Here’s a picture from us going home on Friday:

When Samantha came home on Sunday, she was very eager to hold Ellie.  She barely got in the front door.

Then she wanted to play outside.  I found a caterpillar on my azaleas, so I told Samantha that I found a worm.   She came over to inspect.  She said “caderpeeder.”  And I had clearly told her that it was a worm.  MamaLinda would be proud!

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  1. Janie, the picture of Sam holding Ellie is so precious! Thank you for sharing that sweet moment.

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