Two Week Checkup

I took Ellie to the doctor today to get her two week checkup. The doctor said she is looking good. Her weight is back up to 5 lbs, 9.5 oz! I’m beginning to see her fill out a little (but only just a little).

Samantha is doing very well around Ellie. She can be a bit rough, but loves to help pat and burp. And she’s a big help to throw Ellie’s diapers in the trash.

The doctor said she needed visual stimulation (already? She’s still just a blob!  EDIT:  Ok, so she’s not a blob.  But she still sleeps a lot that it seems she wouldn’t need a mobile yet if she’s always asleep.) and she needed to listen to lots of music. We listen to plenty of Raffi (thanks to Samantha) so I need to add some other types in the mix. I got out a gym toy this afternoon for her to lay under. Guess what Samantha did?

And when did Samantha become a giant?! She is about 7 times Ellie’s size. Sam is doing very well on the potty (naptime is still an issue-I’m thinking of switching to diapers/pullups at nap) so the only time she wears a diaper is at night. After changing Ellie’s diapers all day, doing the one of Samantha’s at night seems so different! She’s growing up!

6 thoughts on “Two Week Checkup”

  1. That’s great news! I’m so glad she’s gaining, maybe things will get a little easier.

    Just so you know, Jackson STILL wears a pull-up at night. UGH

  2. My granddaughter is no “blob” either. A bit flexible and needs support – yes. You are doing great!

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