Samantha’s Mr. Potato Head Family

Aunt Lizzie gave Samantha a Mr. Potato Head family for her birthday last year.  She really likes it.  Lately, when she’s finished dressing them up, she’ll line them all up and tell me to take a picture.  Each one has a name (Mommy, Daddy, Sam and Ellie).  We went to the McWane Science Center recently where they had a Mr. Potato Head exhibit.  With all the Toy Story 3 stuff, Mr. Potato Head seems everywhere.  Here are some of her creations.

(I helped with the Mommy one in the above picture, but all the others she did by herself.)

3 thoughts on “Samantha’s Mr. Potato Head Family”

  1. Yay, I’m glad she likes them. She’s made some very creative potato families.

  2. That’s so cute. We have a couple, but they don’t get played with much. I guess because they don’t have wheels.

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