The Story of a Baptismal Gown

We are very blessed. We had the choice of 3 gowns for Ellie’s baptism.

We have the gown that me and my siblings were baptized in. It has also been used for some Burns grandkids, including Samantha as shown below.

The slip has been embroidered with each baptism name and date. It begins with Elisabeth Noel in 1976 and ends with Patrick Jacob in 2008.

We have the gown that Brian and his siblings were baptized in. This was the gown that Ellie was baptized in. Here is a letter dated on Brian’s BIRTHday from his maternal grandparents.

Isn’t that a lovely letter? And here’s Ellie in the gown:

We have the gown that Brian’s maternal grandfather (Leonard in the above letter) was baptized in. Brian’s great-grandmother, Agnes Eckl, made the gown. His grandfather was the youngest of 5 children, so I’m not exactly sure of the gown’s age. It’s at least 83 years old.

9 thoughts on “The Story of a Baptismal Gown”

  1. What a wonderful story! Such meaning and significance is what brings fulfillment. Long live tradition! 🙂

  2. I have learned some things with this post. Thank you! I also like the names being embroidered on the gown. What a great idea!

  3. That is a wonderful tradition that both sides of your family has. All the dresses are beautiful! Love the story each one has to share!

  4. Thank you for posting the stories of the baptismal gowns! I felt blessed to just read about them. May all always know God’s love.

  5. Oh Janie, it was such a touching story.
    Yes, I thought of “history”, not in an old book, but shinning in your whole family’s heart.
    I wish I could have my Batismal gown, too, which my mom made for me.
    Tradition is beautiful, especially in such a special way.

    I didn’t know that Ellie got baptised already.
    I wish I had known…. ^^*

    Anyway today I’ve got your ‘thank you card’.
    And it was such a sweet note, and especially the ‘calvin and hobbes’ post…. I looooooved it.
    They are my favorite figures.
    I wish I had a friend like hobbes. Lol Lol

  6. I was researching my family’s history and came across your lovely story! My grandfather, Alex Mauter, came from Europe and was a taylor in Villa Park, Illinois. I’m wondering if we may be related. Betty

  7. Hi! Just saw your wonderful & touching story while also trying to get some info on my family. The above comment by Betty Mauter Stewart really caught my eye. My Grandfather Alexander Muater was also a Tailor in Villa Park, Ill so I think I may be Betty’s cousin. My Mom was the youngest of 11 children & she & 3 of her four sisters & their spouses moved to AZ in the 1950’s. The 6 brothers & 1 sister stayed in the Chicago area. I never really got to know very many of my cousins from Ill. Do you have any way to get ahold of Betty? Did she leave an email? I so, could you forward this to her so we could maybe get in touch? Thanks & God Bless, Laura McQuerry.

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