Samantha’s First Ballet Class

Samantha has been so excited to start ballet class this fall. We have been talking about it for a few weeks since we registered. She got some ballet shoes and tap shoes at the dance store. We’ve tried on several leotards to make sure they fit. The first class was upon us.

Samantha took a great nap after her rough night. (See a previous post.) She knows that on the days that she takes a nap, we celebrate by doing something fun. She can play on her computer, watch TV, or even go to the park. So, she woke up and with no prompting from me, wanted to go to the park. I asked her if she wanted to go to ballet. She screamed “NO! Go to Park!” Uh oh.

Now, if she were not feeling well and wanted to be a couch potato that night, I would have been cool with that. She was sick and hadn’t sleep well the night before. It was the first class – what could we miss? However, since she was so insistent on going to the park, I knew she didn’t feel all that bad.

After hurriedly eating and grabbing all of her ballet gear, we headed out the door. She told me that I was going the wrong way. “Park! This way!” pointing in the opposite direction. Naturally, we were late and the rush hour traffic didn’t help us get there in time. Once she saw the building, she got very excited and knew that it was time for ballet.

I changed her in the dressing room (what a big girl with all the older girls) and got her into her classroom. That little room full of toddlers was adorable and hilarious! It’s a 3 and 4 year old class, so I knew she’d be the youngest. She followed directions very well. I think she had lots of fun!

And here are 2 videos. The first one is about a minute, and the second one is about 2 minutes. We are behind glass, so you can’t hear inside, but you can hear me laughing. 🙂

On the way home, I asked Samantha which shoes she liked better: the pink (ballet) or the white (tap). White. Naturally.

Now we just have to work on her to wear a ponytail!

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