Happy 3rd Birthday!

Samantha turned 3 years old today! She is such a big girl!  Over the last year, her speech has exploded – both receptive and expressive. She is mostly potty-trained, although we do still have accidents.  She is in a big bed with no side rails.   She loves to read.  She loves to be outside.  She loves her little sister.  (The other day, she asked me where Ellie’s black belly button was.  Considering that Ellie’s cord fell off long ago, she remembers too!)  Her current favorite song is “A Hard Day’s Night” by the Beatles, or “Noodles” as she calls them.  Blue is still her favorite color – since about 6 months of age.

We had a fun-filled weekend! MamaLinda and Pop stayed with the girls on Friday. Sam went to the park (one of her Favorite things!) and opened a birthday present. She loves her ladybug tent and Percy the train.

We got up on Saturday and had pancakes with sprinkles, then headed down to the Pumpkin Patch.

This morning, we had wildberry muffins with sprinkles. We sang “Happy Birthday” and she got to blow out her candle.

We went to Zoe’s for lunch where Ms. Kris got her a piece of chocolate cake. We had another round of “Happy Birthday!”  Tonight, she opened her present from us, which was dress-up clothes.  I think she had a fun weekend, and we haven’t even had her party yet!

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