We are slowly emerging from our land of boxes.  We still have plenty to go, but I do feel like most everything we use/need daily is unboxed.  We are tackling some projects here and there.  This house is almost 31 years old, whereas our last house was new, so it’s definitely a different world over here.  For a while, everything we touched inside seemed to fall apart.  That was a bit discouraging.  Last weekend, we worked outside, and everything we touched outside seemed to fall apart too.  I actually leaned up against a tree at one point and it fell over.  A Tree!  Anyway, we still have a long, long way to go to make it feel our own, but it’s growing on me.

Samantha loves it!  She has so much space in her room (and oh, what a fun closet) and the backyard is endless enjoyment.  She has already fallen down the stairs once.  Maybe we’ve gotten that out of the way.  She makes “chocolate milk” outside which consists of lots and lots of dirt thrown into water.  She picks up big sticks and bangs around with them.  She finds giant leaves, and they really are big!

I see signs of spring and I’m loving being in the trees!

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