Samantha and Jennifer

Samantha has a new friend named Jennifer.  Jennifer is real, unlike Sicka, Goodoo and Funny.

Jennifer bought our old house.

Jennifer came over to the house before we moved out to get a tour.  Weird, right?  She was a first-time home buyer, but even still, she wanted to walk around and look at things like speakers, ethernet plugs and sprinkler system valve boxes.  Oh, and how do you turn on the fireplace?  Try that random switch right by the fireplace.  Anyway, Samantha was at home and met Jennifer and all of Jennifer’s entourage.  Again, weird, right?

Sam didn’t walk around with me while I showed Jennifer the very normal things about our house.  I don’t recall what she did during that time, but it wasn’t hanging around Jennifer.

When we first moved over to the new house, Samantha was very excited about her new room and new closet.  The new backyard, the new bath tub, the new driveway.  It was all very exciting.  However, in the time since, she has started talking increasingly about Jennifer and the old house.  She pretend calls Jennifer on the phone and says things like “I want to come over but my mommy won’t let me.”  Which is of course true.  Today, during her pretend call, she told Jennifer that she loved her.

Her brain is doing some weird stuff to make sense of the move.

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