Shout from the Rooftops!

I know this might be Too Much Information, but I think Samantha might be totally and completely finished with diapers/Pull-Ups!! We are so proud of her! For my own recollection sake, we started potty training just over a year ago!

She is such a big girl with her comprehension and expressions! Lately, she is big into pretend play and using her wild imagination. A big excuse for anything is “But Mommy, I’m pa-tendin!”

There is a full length mirror in Ellie’s room, which, if you push the mirror back, a spot opens up like a concession stand window. I’m not sure that she knows what a concession stand is, but she’ll sit behind it and take orders. When I feed Ellie, I get my breakfast or afternoon snack made for me there. It’s always delicious!

2 thoughts on “Shout from the Rooftops!”

  1. Again, for my own record, here’s the record so far:

    Day 1 – dry Pull-Up (decision to go ahead without them)
    Day 2 – change sheets at 2:45am
    Day 3 – dry sheets (hence this post)
    Day 4 – change sheets at 6:15am (Come on!)
    Day 5 – change sheets at 3am

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