April 27

In the month following the prolific tornadoes, I’ve driven around only a little.  I see the landscape completely changed and it breaks my heart.  I haven’t been to the supposedly hardest hit areas, but areas all around us got hit by the storms that came through that early morning (6AM).  The thing is, the storm didn’t let up all day, you know?  I mean, it just hammered the whole state All. Day. Long.  The storm that hit Tuscaloosa and Pratt City was around 5PM.

On the drive up to visit Brian’s family, we drove through several areas that were hit.  To see houses that were torn apart is almost a part of our every day lives.  Devastation is everywhere and yet so sad each time you see it.  I can’t imagine what’s happening to the families with half of a house left.  I saw one with stairs going up to a non-existent 2nd floor.  I can’t imagine.

I don’t really know what my point is.  Just that I’m sad.

As a side note, Samantha prays for the people hit by the tornadoes.

But, she says “hit by the tomatoes.”  Bless her.

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