The Most Useless Machine Ever

Todd just sent me this link.  Must be a slow day here at the Cloud.

3 thoughts on “The Most Useless Machine Ever”

  1. First thought: this must be a product of Auburn’s Engineering program.

    Second thought: it really must be a slow day over there.

    Third though: stuff like this is funny, but it also makes me a little mad. If only the effort expended had been spent doing something useful.

  2. Firstly to Brian: thanks for showing the video!

    To Clark:

    Did you really check out the video. Did you read and follow any of the links that are in the video’s description. Take a guess who came up with this idea?

    Besides getting folks to smile and think about a silly machine (couple million of em I figure from this video alone) a bunch of people who never held a soldering iron before built one of these. It’s one of the most popular DIY projects of the last year.

    I suppose I might be somewhat biased, seeing as I made the video. I understand some people aren’t impressed with it, and that’s OK. But to get mad over it?!!?

    If you don’t mind my suggestion, I think you should build a useless machine. It’s very therapeutic, and you might find yourself re-examining things.


  3. Hey Brett, I’ve watched your video about 20 times so far. I’m amused every time. I think the music really sells the silliness of the machine. The dueling video is funny too. 🙂

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