I’m a Baby.

I think I broke my toe yesterday. It hurt. I cried. Brian says I’m not to put a picture of it on the website. (You can thank him later.)

Happy Father’s Day.

11 thoughts on “I’m a Baby.”

  1. I’m so sorry Janie! It must be pretty bad if pictures have been banned from the site. I’m guessing it’s turned black if you hit it that hard…

  2. I broke my toe(s) once. It hurt and I cried. Mom said I was a baby. My sock was bloody because they were actually crushed. No photographic proof, though.

  3. As an Update:
    The good news is that I didn’t break my toe. However, it was heavily bruised and had internal bleeding. So much so that the doctor had to drain it. Nice. I think the toenail is going to fall off because it feels like a loose tooth all wiggling around.

  4. So sorry. But, I do want to know how you did it. Guess you will have to wear open toed shoes for a while. Did the doctor put a big bandage on it?

  5. As another update:
    The nail fell off at not quite 3 weeks after the injury. It was continuing to wiggle around then got caught in a Brian/Samantha rough-housing night. And almost 6 weeks later, today I am wearing shoes for the first time!

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