Another No Photo Post

When we switched Samantha to a twin bed last year, we didn’t buy new bedding for a number of reasons.  We gave her some hand-me-down bedding.  It was blue, so she liked it.

At any rate, she has been doing very well without a diaper at night.  And now that we’re in the new house, we decided it was high time to reward her by getting her some “new covers” and begin decorating her room.  We had begun looking online and in a few stores.  She had picked out some red with stars from Pottery Barn (of course!).   I’ve been buying bits and pieces, but finally put the quilt on her bed last night.

I had to wake Samantha up this morning, which I absolutely do not like to do.  She doesn’t like it either.  I have found that going in and opening her shutters, without saying a word or going near her is the best way.  Otherwise, she gets very crabby.  And rightly so.

When she did finally get up, I asked her how she slept.  She said good, but that there was something under her bed.  My first thought was that she was going to tell me about a monster or some such creature.  I had wondered when that sort of imagination began.  But no.  She said there was a “hard pea” under her bed.  Oh dear.  I guess we’ve been reading too much of MamaLinda’s favorite fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea!  She didn’t comment on her red stars, but she sure did get comfy in them and turn into a giggle box when she crawled in last night.

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