I have never given my children pedialyte. However, I got an email a while back for a coupon. The email was pretty graphic, so I saved it so I could show all of you. (Lucky you!) I just couldn’t believe they would use images like that.

Here’s the email in webpage form. And the images:

Strangely enough, we could have used it during Thanksgiving when Ellie got a bug. Ew.

6 thoughts on “Pedialyte”

  1. Help us solve an argument between Janie and me. In that picture, there’s a little child on the left and something on the right in all three segments. What is the something on the right?

    Janie says it’s a picture of what the kid feels like. Note the shoes, feet, arms, eyes and hair.

    I say it’s a picture of the kid’s stomach. Note the belly button, and obvious input and output.

  2. I saw that ad in a magazine and I couldn’t believe it either! It’s so graphic and quite disgusting.
    I thought the picture was a stomach, too.

  3. It’s an alien child with shoes/socks/haircut matching the human child. Pedialyte must have an extraterrestrial division. I find it interesting that the alien baby’s diaper is swallowing him up compared to the human child; it’s a little gross, because it’s covering the baby’s mouth. Yuck. The alien babies must poop in ridiculously large amounts.

    Really, it probably is a stomach, but I would argue that the two tubes are both outputs (the one leading to the mouth can be both an input and an output at different times). In those pictures something’s definitely coming out of the upper tube.

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