A List or two

At school these days, if Samantha gets a smiley face every day, she gets a “treasure box” on Fridays. This week, she picked a pad of paper.

She came home and drew all over the papers, taking the bunny to a vegetable patch, and a flower patch. Then she started making lists. She made a list of what she wanted for breakfast. It was butter, eggs, milk (we get 1% milk at Publix, which is purple), and sprinkles to make pancakes. She also made a list for the grocery store: pizza, apples, and pears.


5 thoughts on “A List or two”

  1. I love that! It’s so interesting to see what they pick. Patrick always picks bubbles that last about 2 seconds. He has also picked fingernail stickers and play lipstick. hmmmmm…

  2. I actually really used Sam’s pancake list on Saturday. I can never remember which sprinkles Sam wants on her pancakes and have been appropriately criticized for using the wrong ones at least once. This time, I looked at her list to see which color sprinkles she wanted. She was one happy customer.

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