Yes, I got upgraded.

Brian got me an iPhone 5 for Christmas.  I wasn’t really expecting it, because I figured I could last a few more months on my old phone.

My brother asked me what 5 things I liked about my new phone.  At the time, I had 2.  (Keep in mind, I had had it all of 3 days and that was over Christmas when I wasn’t using it much.)  I now have my 5 things.

  1. It’s taller, allowing for an extra row of apps.  Now I barely have to swipe to page 2.
  2. It’s lighter.  The cyst on my purse-carrying shoulder is grateful.
  3. It’s much brighter.  The retina display is really clear.
  4. It’s smokin fast.
  5. The battery life will last a couple of days with medium use before it needs to be charged.  Sweet.
  6. And because I’m generous, I also like the storage space.

There you have it.  The likes of my new iPhone 5.  I upgraded from an 8GB 3GS, so it was quite a leap.

2 thoughts on “Yes, I got upgraded.”

  1. I went from a 32GB 3GS to a 16GB 4S and could tell a heck of a difference in clarity and speed. I was a part of the 3GS launch but I think I’m fine being a generation behind from now on.

    Roll Tide.

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