Beautiful Sunday and a tooth

What a great day today!  The weather yesterday was lousy (woohoo for finishing our taxes on a rainy February!) so we spent today outside and soaked up some vitamin D.  We had a picnic at Aldridge Gardens.  Boo to Aldridge Gardens for requiring a permit to take pictures there now.  Then, we spent the afternoon at Moss Rock Preserve.  Sam took me on a trail that I had not been on before.  It was complete with a “booger bear” cave (sounds like Pop) and a bat house.  She failed to mention the awesome waterfall at the end.  It was a super short hike that we took after our normal hike.

IMG_0515 IMG_0520


At some point this weekend, I noticed that Sam had a gap in her bottom front teeth that I don’t remember seeing before.  As we were brushing and flossing tonight, I wiggled that tooth and discovered that it was loose!  I about flipped out.  We had been talking over the last year about losing teeth (thanks to Roger Day’s monologue about losing a tooth), but she was terrified of it.  I’m not sure why, but she wasn’t interested in losing any of her teeth.  None of my explanations seemed to help.  At any rate, when I wiggled that tooth tonight, I got very excited so that transferred to her.  She said that it felt funny.  And apparently, she mentioned something about it to Brian earlier in the week.  She can’t wait to lose it so that she can put a straw in the hole.  🙂  I can’t believe that she is about to lose a tooth!  She’s 5!  My heart breaks for that little girl who seems to be vanishing quicker than I’m ready for her to be.  I guess I need to get some pictures before she has a crooked smile.

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