Some Sewing

I got the sewing bug a couple of months ago. I have made several skirts, a shirt, a dress, with two more dresses in the works. When spring and summer start to roll around every year, I get the itch to make dresses and skirts.

This year, Sam had to wear a Pirate costume for the letter X at school. They went on a treasure hunt, made a parrot clip for their shoulder, and had lots of pirate activities for the day. I got the idea to make a Circle skirt a while ago, and finally decided to put it to good use. I used a red chevron fabric, and with some consultation with Mom and Lizzie, I think it turned out great!
I also made the white peasant blouse. I think they turned out cute when putting the whole thing together.


I also found a cute tiny elephant print fabric. I used it to make a Circle skirt for Ellie. I love that fabric! I will have to get some more and find another use for it!

See the Mauter family picture for Ellie in her elephant circle skirt.

Then, I decided to make some dress up clothes for Ellie’s birthday. So far, I have made a Minnie Mouse dress, but a Rapunzel and Mickey Mouse are planned too. I even did some hand embroidery on the Minnie Mouse dress with a stem stitch! Not bad.

More pictures to come later. She hasn’t seen the Minnie Mouse dress yet.

One thought on “Some Sewing”

  1. Love the pirate costume! How fun! Can’t wait to see the Minnie dress.
    I’ve been making lots of shorts. Now that I’ve figured them out, I’m kind of scared to try anything else. I’ll probably give a dress another shot soon.

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