Halloween 2013

Halloween is so fun.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the kids’ excitement as they run from house to house.  But I marvel at the candy it brings.

Samantha painted her pumpkin again this year.  I was pretty shocked that she painted a face on it instead of the usual cover-the-pumpkin-all-the-way scenario.  Painted pumpkin from 2012, 2011, 2010.




I usually try to have a quick dinner, but it usually doesn’t turn out like that.  I thought the girls would enjoy mummy pizzas for dinner though.



We had a last minute change of costume.  Samantha had intended to be a black cat, but then decided to be a fairy.  I felt pretty unprepared, but she made do with the clothes we had in the dress up trunk.  She was thrilled that she came up with the costume by herself.

Ellie was Rapunzel, no surprise there.  She was pumped about the pumpkin she decorated at school too.  My pumpkin was drilled, once again.  I liked it last year, so I decided to do it again.


It was supposed to rain, so I thought we’d venture to the library for our Trick or Treating.  The rain ended up holding out until about 7:15, so we were able to get our treating done.  The girls were very disappointed that we didn’t go to the library though.  I promised that we’d go soon.

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