May Crowning

Ellie turned 5 on Saturday.  I will have a post honoring her 5th birthday soon (hopefully), but I wanted to highlight something she said this morning.

Today is May Crowning for the preschool.  I have never figured out why it is on a different day than the main school, so we continue to live in 2 different worlds.  Ellie came downstairs this morning and discovered a few flowers in the kitchen.  She ran back to my bathroom to ask me if I had bought them.  (She delights in all things “lovely.”)  She was thrilled that we had flowers in the kitchen.  I told her, while toothbrush in mouth, that they were for May Crowning.

She contorted her face and thought for a few seconds.  Then she said, “So I need to bring all my crowns to school?”

4K kids at POP May Crowning

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