Now It’s My Turn

I got Covid.

I am almost certain I got it from Samantha even though we never tested her. There have been a lot of kids testing positive with it in the HHS Band and she woke up with a little cough and sore throat at least once early last week. She still occasionally has a bit of both now two weeks later.

I’ll now do the thing where we didn’t think she had it. We have been having new basement steps put in. They have oak treads and the carpenters were here early last week sanding them and the oak hardwood floors they put in on the landings. There was a LOT of sanding. They used a shop vac with a bag, but somehow we still ended up with a layer of dust in the kitchen and about five layers of dust in the basement. We assumed her allergies were unhappy with that dust. It also seemed like she was worse at home than she was at school.

Hindsight being what it is, she probably had it, because now I have it. Well, I think I’m through with it now. I had a small cough on Saturday last week, so I tested myself on Sunday. It was negative. I still have the cough on Monday, so I retest myself and this time it’s positive. That second little line left no room for interpretation.

I feel much better now, and by Thursday afternoon, I ran for 50 minutes straight reaching almost 5.5 miles. I felt hot after the run, but that’s probably because it was 5PM and warm.

Janie still makes me mask up inside the house, so I’m looking forward to Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll be “cured” by then.

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