Sam Lost Another Tooth

I think she’s now lost seven or eight teeth now.  Once again, she wouldn’t let us pull it despite it causing her pain when eating.  We’ve been asking for almost two weeks now.  Finally this morning, she let me pull it.  There wasn’t any pulling involved.  I merely picked it up.  I think the only reason she didn’t swallow it is because it was caught between the two teeth beside it.

Here’s how she told me she needed help.

Sam's note to me requesting help with her tooth.

I’m Not Happy Right Now

In the first place,

I’m not happy right now.  Thank me some time.

In the second place,

  1. Ellie licked the batter!
  2. She gets to make the cake!
  3. I was doing homework!
  4. Ellie’s happier.
  5. I’ve got no time with you!

Note written by Samantha


We really don’t know how this kind of note-writing started; we don’t leave notes like this.  Sam’s note is very clear.  She makes a very reasoned and complete argument as to why she’s unhappy.  I’m not sure who taught her contractions, bulleted/numbered lists or the first and second abbreviations.

Janie and Samantha had already made up by the time I got home today.

The Ferris Wheel

My dad built a Ferris wheel out of mainly scrap metal for his grand kids.  It’s about 12 feet tall and painted to match other playground equipment that his father made.  It looks awesome and Samantha and Ellie will tell you it’s the highlight of the trip home to visit Nana and Papa.

One of the tricks was finding an oven large enough to hold it.  He disassembled it and after three or four trips to the powder coating shop, it was done.  The wheel only had about half an inch of space on each side of the oven.

For now, he’s using a Milwaukee Drill with a 50:1 gear box to turn the wheel.  Dad’s thinking about changing it to a hydraulic motor for smoother and quieter operation.

My kids have got it so good.

Front of the Ferris Wheel Side of the Ferris Wheel with Dad

Here’s a video of it running.  Sorry it’s a bit loud.

Oh, and here’s a video of it before it was painted.  We had to test with live grand kids.

Every Praise is to Our God

Wow, I feel late to the party, but I just have to share.  The Prince of Peace choirs are all working on getting this song ready for Easter.  I bought it on iTunes so I could practice with it, but out of curiosity I wanted to see if there was a video, so off to YouTube I went.  Can you figure out where it was shot?  Well done, Cheri.