Search Engine

Well, I added a search engine to the website. I don’t know how much use it will get on, but I’ve been thinking about putting a new search engine on the website I have at work. This is sort of an evaluation. But hey, it’s free! I’m using the excellent Java Search Engine. It’s really fast and pretty darn accurate. Let me know if you like it.

Almost ready to move in!

It’s about time for another update, right?  The house is mostly complete.  We had
our walk-through on July 31st, and that was where we told them what they still needed
to complete.  Sod and landscaping really add a finishing touch!  We close
on August 5th, so I guess that means we should start packing?  Everyone in our neighborhood is really great.  We’re all super excited to be moving in.  After work everyday, there’s a big block party when everyone comes to look at his house.  Brian and Janie are ready to move in and enjoy being homeowners!  Janie will just be glad that there is some color on the walls instead of “apartment cream.”

New site features

It seems we’re posting these news blurbs monthly.  Weird.  We’re not trying, I promise.  Anyway, we have a slightly new look to the site with hopefully an easier way to access the main pages.  Also because we’re already using Java Servlet Filters, we added a compression filter that will hopefully send pages to you faster.  (Think of how zipping a file before you send it to a friend is faster because it’s smaller.  This is the same principle.)

House update

After some computer problems, we seem to have recovered a bit. Sorry it’s taken so long to update our site!  The brick and sheetrock are complete at our house.  The builder has unofficially moved our closing date to early August.  We’re hoping to be moved by the end of August.  We have picked all of our interior colors (paint, tile, countertop, etc.) and lighting fixtures.  The next big thing at the house should be the cabinets and paint.  Molly is growing rapidly. She’s learned to sleep through the night on top of Janie’s face!