Samantha, lately.

Samantha lost another tooth yesterday.  I think that makes 8 or 9.  It still doesn’t get any easier, and there are many tears shed before/during/after it comes out.  You can see the hole really well in the following picture.



In other news, she turned 7 years old last week.  My how time flies.  She is a goofy girl, with loads of wisdom for her age.  She is bright, caring, eager, and friendly.  She never meets a stranger, and she deeply loves her sister.  She loves to read, draw, and make crafts.

We had very small gathering of friends at the movie, then went out for milkshakes afterwards.



She had to share her actual birthday with the school’s Fall Festival, so it was very simple.  We were glad that Nana could share it with us too!



I can’t imagine this place without her.  Her teacher this year calls her “rare.”  I think that just about sums it up.


Sam Lost Another Tooth

I think she’s now lost seven or eight teeth now.  Once again, she wouldn’t let us pull it despite it causing her pain when eating.  We’ve been asking for almost two weeks now.  Finally this morning, she let me pull it.  There wasn’t any pulling involved.  I merely picked it up.  I think the only reason she didn’t swallow it is because it was caught between the two teeth beside it.

Here’s how she told me she needed help.

Sam's note to me requesting help with her tooth.

I’m Not Happy Right Now

In the first place,

I’m not happy right now.  Thank me some time.

In the second place,

  1. Ellie licked the batter!
  2. She gets to make the cake!
  3. I was doing homework!
  4. Ellie’s happier.
  5. I’ve got no time with you!

Note written by Samantha


We really don’t know how this kind of note-writing started; we don’t leave notes like this.  Sam’s note is very clear.  She makes a very reasoned and complete argument as to why she’s unhappy.  I’m not sure who taught her contractions, bulleted/numbered lists or the first and second abbreviations.

Janie and Samantha had already made up by the time I got home today.