Indigo Girls with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra

We have been season ticket holders for several years to the ASO. Over the years, we have decreased the number of shows we go to. We also switched from certain tickets to passes to any show. I have always enjoyed the shows. Samantha even went with me once last season and she loved it too!

However, on Friday night, I went to one of the best shows. The Indigo Girls were in town. Their music was arranged for an orchestra, and they played together. It was amazing! I have been a fan for a long time (but haven’t followed their career in the last 15 years or so…shame on me). They played a few new songs, but mostly it was oldie goldies that I knew. Brian didn’t want to go (which saved on babysitting) and I just wanted a night to myself, so I went alone. Strangely enough, that was in keeping with my trips to the Alabama Theatre.

This picture is horrible, but I don’t want to post my video. My seat was good, although because it wasn’t sold out, it could have been better. I asked to sit in the mezzanine, but it was farther back (even though I was on the first row) than I would have liked. Oh well.

I did about lose it just before the show started though. I tweeted that I was there and none other than Erin Cobb replied to my tweet! I am a HUGE fan of her work, (I mean, have you SEEN it?) and how could she even know that I exist? I about died. I have been reading her blog for almost 5 years. I was on maternity leave with Sam, and she just had her son too. It made my night even that much better. Sadly, she wanted to come but missed the show. I would have gladly given her one of my tickets if I would have known!