Halloween 2010

Halloween just gets more fun each year!  Samantha had so much fun painting pumpkins, dressing up and ringing doorbells.  I had to prompt her with the “Trick or Treat” and “Thank You.”  (Am I the only one who doesn’t like answering the doorbell and getting a bucket shoved in my face without even a “Trick or Treat?”)  She came up with the “Happy Halloween” on her own.  It was so cute!

We started the evening by painting pumpkins.  I intended to do this at her birthday party, but I was too ambitious.  Halloween afternoon sufficed.  Her pumpkin was solid blue.  Naturally.

I carved my pumpkin during “nap” time.  If you don’t know, I LOVE to carve a pumpkin.  I usually don’t see how I can find the time, but then magically, Halloween afternoon opens up.

Samantha as a bee.

Our pumpkins.  Mine was carved.  Samantha’s were all painted blue.  Brian’s was a bee (whose eye got smudged).