Sorry was down last weekend. I know our viewership was really hurt. 🙂 Anyway, we now have wireless Internet access in our home. As a result, the server had to be reconfigured. Since it was an old version of RedHat that was no longer supported, I reformatted the thing and installed Fedora Core 2. Not everything is 100% functional yet. For instance, the bandwidth graphs and web usage logs are not correct yet. Complaints? Send them to /dev/null. 🙂

New site features!

Two new features are available on the website. As you can see on the left of the homepage, there’s a new list that shows links to the last five pictures added to the website. This should help our board of directors keep up with what’s new on the site. Also, is proud to announce a new type of feature to the site. Users may upload pictures to our photo album! The editors want a first look at anything uploaded and pictures can only be 1MB or smaller in filesize, but your pictures will show up in a new section called uploads. Let’s see what you all do with this. Alex, pictures of certain body parts will never be allowed. Don’t ask. 🙂

Board of Directors

Apparently, has a board of directors. They like the site overall, but some significant changes will be happening around here soon. The programmers had to put an emergency fix in ASAP to handle the replay attack with the comments posting function. It’s now fixed. We hope to add a feature story section where one of us will blab on about something for more than just a news blurb. We’re currently thinking about topics like “Bedroom 3 Networking Closet Implementation Plan”, “Just Install Your Own Blinds” and “Meet the Board of Directors”. None of them are set in stone, but it’s just things we’re considering. That’s all for now.