Special Breakfast

For Samantha’s 4th birthday, she got a subscription to Highlights High Five magazine. She loves it. Not only does she read it from cover to cover constantly, there are also games, crafts, and recipes that she wants to try. Every. Month.

This month’s recipe was Breakfast in a Glass, so we tried it out yesterday. She liked it.


Yogurt (in place of cottage cheese), peaches, bananas, granola, and blueberries

Krispy Kreme

We really didn’t have much in the house for breakfast this morning.  Fortunately, Jackson, Patrick and Penny gave Sam a Krispy Kreme valentine.  That was all I needed for an excuse to go.  Besides it was going to be our first “family trip” in “Daddy’s New Truck”.  Sam really enjoyed watching the donut assembly line and of course, the eating.  She got a chocolate covered glazed with sprinkles.  Whoa, sugar!