Well, I think it’s official. We haven’t seen Baby (Brown Baby, Bae) since last Thursday night or Friday afternoon. This is as long as he/she has been missing. I’m fearing the worst, although I think Brian and I are more upset by his/her disappearance than Sam is. I’m betting that while playing in her room on Friday, during the time previously known as nap time, he/she got stuffed somewhere. But, I really can’t be sure. I just know that she had him/her when she went to bed on Thursday night, but not on Friday night.

Nearing the End of an Era

I think we’re approaching the end of an era. The “Brown Baby” era. Brown Baby has gone everywhere with us for years. He’s in all of our pictures, he’s been a staple for trying new things, he’s part of our family. For a while, Sam changed his name to “Bay.” And I think he‘s now a she. I bought a substitute (he needs to get washed every once in a while!) when she was about 24 months old, but she knew the difference and would have nothing to do with the new one.

(I learned my lesson and bought 2 for Ellie and interchange them regularly.)

Lately, Baby’s hiding spots have become increasingly sneaky. Baby gets stuffed into anything and everything that will hold him. Sam will start to play with something else and forget where she’s put him. Then we (and by we, I mean me, Brian and the babysitter) search for hours to find him. However, over the summer, it’s become increasingly easier to put Samantha to bed without him (when we can’t find him). Now that we’re about to start school, I’ve told her that she can’t take him to school with her, and she seems ok with that. I think she still would love to take him, but is somehow adjusting that she can’t. Combine that with actually going to school, and now I feel like she’s all grown up!

I’m sure Baby will be with us for a while longer, but I can see that she’s outgrowing him. And who knew that we’d come across a book called Owen that would be very appropriate these days?