Painted Ladies Round 2

Samantha received a butterfly kit for her birthday last fall. I chose not to redeem the coupon for the mail order caterpillars because I was afraid that by the time they turned into butterflies, it would be too cold. Instead, we waited until spring. (Also, I wanted to hear about why we couldn’t order the caterpillars every. day. during the winter.)

When the caterpillars arrived, we thoroughly enjoyed watching them grow and turn into Painted Lady butterflies. We released them in the front yard, but I don’t think we’ve seen them since.

Samantha was determined to get more, so she saved and saved her money so she could order more. She continued to loose teeth at such a rate that it wasn’t long before she had enough money.

We are enjoying the caterpillars once again. I hope we have the same success with the butterflies.