Easter 2013

Happy Easter!

We started our Good Friday with some Easter coloring, a trip to a fabric store that I never get to go to, the park, and lunch.  (What kind of business can they run with hours M-F 9-4?  I get to go once every few years!)  More on what I bought later.  Then, home for a nap and some egg dyeing.  Sam loves it.  I do too.


Sam got a kit from Build-a-Bear (thanks, MamaLinda!) so we used the drops rather than food coloring.  It also came with stickers and glitter!


Later, Ellie enjoyed dyeing her eggs too.


Saturday morning, Sam was heartbroken as I used the eggs in my potato salad.  But we enjoyed lunch with some Mauters over at the Atchisons house.


And, no Easter celebration would be complete without an egg hunt.

IMG_9305 IMG_9306

On Easter morning, Sam woke up very early to hunt for her basket.  She found it behind the french door in the entrance hall.  The night before, she told me that she wished the Easter Bunny would not hide it in the place he did last  year: on top of the china cabinet.  I’m surprised she remembered!


Ellie’s basket was hidden under the piano.

IMG_9318 IMG_9321

The Easter Bunny took it easy this year: some books, some candy, bubbles, and some hair accessories.

And unfortunately after this, the camera got a smudge on the lens, so the rest of the pictures are smudgy.

Happy 4th Birthday, Chloe!

Lots of cool things happened on January 11.  Here’s some.

  • Alabama seceded from the union in 1861.
  • Amelia Earhart flies solo from Hawaii to California in 1935.
  • Los Angeles’ first snowfall ever recorded in 1949.
  • Chloe Mauter born in 2008.

We hope you have a great birthday and eat lots of cake.

Love, Uncle Brian, Aunt Janie, Samantha and Ellie

Jolie’s Baptism

Wow, yesterday was a big day!  We spent the day with Michael, Jackie, Chloe and Jolie.  The girls played hard in the morning and at 2PM, Sam went back to MamaLinda’s for a much needed nap and the rest of us went to Jolie’s Baptism.

Jolie was such a good little girl at her Baptism.  The only time she got upset was when they were pouring what had to be 40º water on her head.  I would’ve complained a little too.

Jolie's Baptism

She’s all Holy now.

Michael, Jamie, Jackie, Jolie and Brian

After that Michael and Jackie invited everyone over to their house for food and fun.  They had loads of stuff to do outside and when Samantha returned she and Chloe played with everything:  the swingset, the tic-tac-toe game, crouquet, dirt and the bounce house!

Samantha playing Tic Tac Toe

Samantha playing with dirt

Samantha and Chloe Jumping

Who likes cucumbers?  Chloe.

Chloe eating a cucumber with ranch dressing all over her mouth,