Merry Christmas

This Christmas is a shaping up to be a little different for us.  We were planning to be gone most of the week after Christmas visiting various family.

However, Ellie has had a high fever since Thursday 12/22 at 5pm.  We visited the doctor Friday morning and discovered that she had a moderate ear infection in one ear.  Then, the worst hit later that morning.  We’re still in the midst of it, although there were a few hours this morning when I thought the worst was over and our little girl came back.  Otherwise, she’s sluggish, puny and pretty dog gone pitiful.

So, I pray your Christmas is healthy and happy.

Merry Christmas! Part 3

After a few days with Brian’s family, we ventured across the state again to my family.  Luckily, there was still some snow on the ground (from Christmas morning that somehow missed Brian’s parents’ house).

Sam wanted to make “foot holes” in the snow.

We also spent a day at the lake.   I haven’t been there since this picture, taken at Thanksgiving 2007.  (Brian is holding a 4 week old Sam.)  The lake has changed a lot in some ways and not much at all in others.